Bicycle racing on the Backstrand, 1900

tramore cycling club june 1900 ME

Announcement of the new local cycling & athletic club’s inaugural sports in June 1900, held at the “neatly-constructed” cycling track at Tramore Racecourse on the Backstrand.

Despite a wet day, some 750 patrons went through the turnstiles and onto the grandstand, with the Railway management company arranging special services and fares to convey spectators. Starting at 6 o’clock, the programme was got through “with capital despatch,” reported the Munster Express.

The one-mile open handicap bicycle race was won “by a wheel” by J. Condon, with Paul Haas second and T.G. Wilson third. Others who competed in this race were J.J. Condon, L. Mangan, J. Hearne, W. Trissilian, E. Naughton, J. Collins, W. Spinks. Haas had revenge over Condon in the 3-miles open handicap.

The half-mile flat handicap was won by E.W. Clyne, who finished a foot ahead of R.F. Butler, with J.B. Nolan a yard behind him. S.J. Collins, T. Harris and P.J. Breen also contested that one.

The only event that fell through was the 3-miles bicycle race, confined to members of the RIC, who may have been occupied elsewhere. The return train left for Waterford at 10pm sharp.

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